Post Grad

Terbell Post Graduate Student

The Event Courses provided by Terbell Event Courses UK are designed to give you the most comprehensive skills in co-ordinating and managing a wide range of events. You will have the confidence and knowledge to apply this from day one after graduating.

As part of the course, students are given the opportunity to be placed in an unpaid position to gain experience within the industry. The Event Management placement will have a term of up to 3 months and will include a review and written reference from the placement host.

These placements often result in permanent positions for our students. It provides them with invaluable experience in organisations that would normally not be available without our introduction and recommendation.

Students will have the opportunity to talk to our lecturers to establish the type of placement they are best suited to and then (where possible) matched to the best opportunity that fits that type of role.

All our courses are written and delivered by industry professionals that are currently working in the event profession. Terbell Event Courses UK is well respected within the event world as one of the leading event training organisations who rank alongside University courses such as Leeds Met and Greenwich.

Lectures are engaging and practical, we use a workshop format to keep our part time and full time event courses exciting and interesting to be part of.

The Terbell Event Courses UK team are always happy to discuss the best option for you as an individual – click here to arrange an informal chat about how we can help.

We have a deep understanding of how daunting it can be starting a new career or embarking on further education, particularly if your mature student who is changing their career.

We specialise in supporting both young and mature students, ensuring the course they take with us is right for them and they maximise the benefit from Terbell Event Courses UK.