Why choose to do an Event Management Diploma? Event management is the best job you could ever have. It’s creative, fast paced, exciting, sometimes glamorous and you get to meet and work with the most amazing people on the planet. Music, Festivals, Conferences, Exhibitions, Sport, Celebrity Management, Promoting and even Wedding Planning are all covered within the course. The Postgraduate course also gives you practical experience, an Event Management work placement and career mentoring.

Our experience shows that most companies want to meet and interview an event management student who has taken the time to learn the craft by attending an industry recognised course and made time to gain experience in the industry.

About Our Events Management Course

why choose event management

Our position and reputation within the event management industry means that we have become one of the first calling points for event companies looking to recruit. They know that our students are good and have the required training and support to be an asset from day one to any event team, so we are constantly introducing our successful students to new job opportunities.

Our Event Management Diploma will get you the vital event experience that you require alongside giving you the working tools that you will use in everyday event planning and production. Our full time diploma is designed to train you in the art of event planning, co-ordination and final delivery of the different types of event work such as Corporate Events, Festivals, Music, Celebrity Management, and Fundraising.

This event coordinator management training course is exceptionally thorough and has been developed by members of the event industry itself, so everything we teach you is based on years of real experience. Our trainers are all events management professionals and range from Corporate Directors to gurus from the music industry. Our course is certified by The Institute of Commercial Management.


Our event coordinator courses provide participants with the skills they will need to work successfully within one of the most exciting and developing industries. Our syllabus focuses on very practical skills that will really be of use to students. They are designed and taught by professionals currently working in events who see the benefit in investing in the future by passing on their knowledge.

As part of the course we take the students on site visits to venues around the capital and also spend practical lessons on-site at live music venues, for example. The final part of the course involves the students producing a live network event and inviting industry contacts and professionals to showcase their talent and work.

This very practical approach is well respected by potential employers and is considered a worthwhile investment to start or support a career in event management.

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