Place two or three creatives in a room with natural daylight at about 22 degrees.

Add a decent brief and stir it in gently so all the information is absorbed – don’t beat the creative at this point, they will split on you.

Add a generous budget – if you don’t have enough budget to be generous, then supplement it with some humor, some chocolate and allow more time for the recipe to work.

Leave the mix to one side until the creative starts to really work well, rushing this stage will leave you with a mess, burnt fingers and may mean starting all over again.

If the creatives start to have a cherry red complexion or begin to show signs of steaming then remove them from the room and rest them to one side for a short while. When they return to their normal colour, pop them back into the room again to finish off.

Once the creatives look like they are nearly done, throw into the mix a good visualiser and the touch of a wordsmith. Once again getting the timing right is important to the mix.

Keep an eye on the process to make sure the budget and the creative are mixing correctly, if not slow the creative process down until you get the right consistency of creativity and affordability.

The result should be a great idea with solid consistency and a flowing story. It may still need some careful handling but should be nearly ready for sharing.

Take the idea and test it on some close friends. If they like it, then share it with the rest of the world!

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