Terbell Testimonial

At the beginning of 2014 I made the decision to sign up for the part time diploma course with Terbell. With a background in the music industry I had some knowledge of festivals, shows and touring but after hearing about the course from a friend of mine and Terbell graduate (now working in Qatar), I had a desire to enhance my experience, gain new skills and really get a solid idea of what the events industry was all about. What would it require from me? What opportunities were out there? Where would I fit in? And most importantly, what could I learn from the ‘industry experts’ who were leading the course itself.

From the evening of the first lecture I knew that I had made the right choice. Adam Proto and Jo Kerr absolutely lit up the room in the introductory session, their passion for the industry is irrefutable and their ability to electrify my curiosity assured me that as far as life decisions go I had made an excellent one. In the weeks that followed my course mates and I had the distinct privilege of listening to some of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered. The lecturers on the course are all outstanding in their field but most importantly they are all inherently personable, professional and ultimately likable. They are all completely supportive, always ready and willing to offer friendly advice and tips to get ahead whilst also being incredibly generous in building up student’s confidence

The variety of areas covered and the different challenges set by lecturers over the 14-week period made for a truly complete learning experience but none more so than the project brief set by David Foster.  The group-work event project that David concocted, was not only totally current and on-trend, but it required a level of attention to detail and research that would prepare us all for the expectations of a competitive and ever-evolving industry. It was this aspect of the course that I thought was truly invaluable and really got us in the right headspace to think like real event planners.

This course did everything it promised, it gave me a real insight into the world of events and the confidence to hit the ground running immediately afterwards. The Terbell name is highly respected in the industry and soon after the course had ended I had the opportunity (via a posting on the Terbell intranet) to go and work with BMW and MINI at Goodwood Festival of Speed. A few weeks later and I am working as a Production Manager at Iris Worldwide, one of the top creative/ experiential agencies in London and I couldn’t be happier.

Choosing events is not necessarily an easy path and it is not always glamorous especially not if you want to progress quickly. You have to work very hard to attain good results and this is instilled from the very beginning of the course, so be under no illusion. The rewards however, are immense and I have already had some incredible experiences as a result of signing up with Terbell. It has completely changed my life.

For anyone wanting to get into events I can say with total conviction that THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU. I remain ever grateful to Adam, Jo and David (and all of the lecturers) for a wonderful learning experience and some fantastic opportunities and I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone at graduation in September.

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