See below to hear Terbell Event Course UK student testimonials about their experiences at the 2014 graduation ceremony and networking event.

Hi Jo, Michele, Adam,

I’ve been wanting to write to you for a couple of days to say thank you. So many things happened and so fast! I am finally writing this email from the plane! (and sending it from the hotel!)

I’m really excited. I did the postgraduate course with the objective of working on big events and just one week after finishing the course I’m flying to Abu Dhabi to work on a huge festival!

The course has been hard, sometimes seriously hard. I had to fight (as everyone) but I knew before I started that even though I had good event experience that it was not going to be a walk in the park. After all, it’s not going to be easy, it is a Postgraduate Diploma not just a simple course. I have learnt more than I ever imagined I would (I have already told you Jo. I just want to share with Adam, Michele and of course anyone considering taking this extraordinary diploma!)

I am not the best at writing everything down and there is so much to say! I am very good at bullet points so here goes! ;)

Thank you for:
- Giving me a great and better insight into the event industry
- Introducing us to so many good professionals
- Helping us to gain a better overview of the whole process from the pitch to the delivery
- Rescuing our final event before the crash (this was a great one!!! How cool it was to break down and then adapt our goals to our actual resources and to come through and to host a successful event!)
- Giving me the opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi and at the Gumball Rally in May!!!
- Introducing me to other colleagues of the course (I have learnt a lot from all of them, from every single one! and also about team management and delegating!)
- Giving me more confidence in what I can achieve and best of all realising what my weaknesses are (I still need to learn a lot… for example conflict management and presenting better ;)
- Managing the impossible – re-inforcing my passion for events!

I have a feeling that now the course is over a lot of exciting things are waiting just round the corner for us. A large part of the blame lies with you!


I really wish you lots of success with Terbell Event Courses UK and with your increasing expansion with T-ice into the Ice Rink industry ;) I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this post graduate diploma.

Jo, Michele: I hope to see you soon!!
Adam: Great to be working with you in Abu Dhabi – Despite the huge storm !!!!

Warm regards,

Julia Munte
Post Grad 2015/16

I just wanted to share my good news - I've got a job in the events team at a non for profit organisation. It's such a fantastic opportunity and I could not have done it without you.

The head of fundraising had researched the course before seeing me and was very impressed with it, which I think helped with her decision but most importantly, you gave me the confidence in myself when I was starting to give up hope completely.
Thank you so much for all your help and support and thank you for running such a fantastic course, it has changed my life and given me a future.

Jessie Wand
Sept Part Time 2014


Terbell Testimonial

At the beginning of 2014 I made the decision to sign up for the part time diploma course with Terbell. With a background in the music industry I had some knowledge of festivals, shows and touring but after hearing about the course from a friend of mine and Terbell graduate (now working in Qatar), I had a desire to enhance my experience, gain new skills and really get a solid idea of what the events industry was all about. What would it require from me? What opportunities were out there? Where would I fit in? And most importantly, what could I learn from the ‘industry experts’ who were leading the course itself.

From the evening of the first lecture I knew that I had made the right choice. Adam Proto and Jo Kerr absolutely lit up the room in the introductory session, their passion for the industry is irrefutable and their ability to electrify my curiosity assured me that as far as life decisions go I had made an excellent one. In the weeks that followed my course mates and I had the distinct privilege of listening to some of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered. The lecturers on the course are all outstanding in their field but most importantly they are all inherently personable, professional and ultimately likable. They are all completely supportive, always ready and willing to offer friendly advice and tips to get ahead whilst also being incredibly generous in building up student’s confidence.

The variety of areas covered and the different challenges set by lecturers over the 14-week period made for a truly complete learning experience but none more so than the project brief set by David Foster. The group-work event project that David concocted, was not only totally current and on-trend, but it required a level of attention to detail and research that would prepare us all for the expectations of a competitive and ever-evolving industry. It was this aspect of the course that I thought was truly invaluable and really got us in the right headspace to think like real event planners.

This course did everything it promised, it gave me a real insight into the world of events and the confidence to hit the ground running immediately afterwards. The Terbell name is highly respected in the industry and soon after the course had ended I had the opportunity (via a posting on the Terbell intranet) to go and work with BMW and MINI at Goodwood Festival of Speed. A few weeks later and I am working as a Production Manager at Iris Worldwide, one of the top creative/ experiential agencies in London and I couldn’t be happier.

Choosing events is not necessarily an easy path and it is not always glamorous especially not if you want to progress quickly. You have to work very hard to attain good results and this is instilled from the very beginning of the course, so be under no illusion. The rewards however, are immense and I have already had some incredible experiences as a result of signing up with Terbell. It has completely changed my life.

For anyone wanting to get into events I can say with total conviction that THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU. I remain ever grateful to Adam, Jo and David (and all of the lecturers) for a wonderful learning experience and some fantastic opportunities and I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone at graduation in September.

James Robinson
Production Manager at IRIS

Tina Bricelj

2013 /14 Post Graduate

If you are looking for the opportunity to get into the event business – Terbell is definitely the way to go! After starting the course in October I have learnt and experienced so much more than I ever thought I would.

The course is a full-time commitment. However, it will open the doors into the events sector for you. Learning so many different aspects of events (from corporate, to sports, charity or sponsorship) has helped me see what I want to do with my life, and has also shown me what I don’t what to do (which I believe is equally important).

The lecturers are great event professionals and have given us an insight into how things ‘run in the real world’. Having a supportive class around me helped with all the course work and made these last few months an unforgettable part of my life. Also the introduction to MPI is invaluable looking back at how many interesting people I have had the opportunity to meet and network with. It has also given me the confidence to network and share what I have learnt. Last but not least – waiting for an internship wasn’t easy, but with the help of Jo and Michele it has turned out to be worth the wait! They listened to my wishes and dilemmas, advised me and helped me through. Now I have been given the opportunity to work for a great venue and I am learning even more every day.

Thank you, Terbell!


Lucy Manning Terbell Testimonial 10.6.14

I would fully recommend the Terbell full time post graduate course to anyone wanting to kick start a career in events management. This course is intense but equally enriching and rewarding;  in four months I learnt more to prepare me for the work place, than I think I did during my entire undergraduate degree!

All the lecturers are current event professionals whose knowledge and enthusiasm for their subjects is contagious. A broad range of topics are covered, from lectures on the planning and co-ordination of all types of events... to marketing,  PR and sponsorship. As someone who did not know much about marketing and sponsorship prior to the course, I now really appreciate the significance of these subjects and their relevance to events.

This is a course which doesn’t just teach you about events;  it prepares you to work in the event industry. The lectures, site visits, volunteering opportunities and assignments equip you with the practical skills that any employer would value. Additionally, my experience on this course has provided me with a lot to talk about in interviews!

I can safely say that I have never felt myself grow - intellectually, creatively and in confidence, as I did during my time studying with Terbell. The course leaders, Adam, Jo and Michele are there to support you throughout the course and afterwards – they are as inspiring and talented as they are friendly and encouraging.

As part of the full time course, Terbell have also helped me find exactly the type of placement that I wanted and I am currently enjoying working as an intern at creative events agency BrandFuel. Thanks to Terbell I now feel ready for anything the events industry might throw at me!


Cara Gibson

Post Graduate 2013 /14


“I loved this course. I loved absolutely everything; from the lecturers, to the people, to the modules, I would recommend this time and time again!

The course was filled with people I wouldn't normally come across and that's what made it so fantastic. I've made some of the best friends and learnt whilst doing it, not much more you could ask for really. The course was well structured and informative and being able to go onsite and learn at events brought everything together.

I’m absolutely loving my placement. Working with the lads is so much fun and I have been learning huge amounts. Really couldn't have asked for a better placement if I tried. It is a real mixture of planning and production; onsite at events and in the office. I have been extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity and I can't wait to see what happens in three months time as a job opportunity is looking positive already”.


After deciding on a career change at the age of 30, I began to trawl the web for event courses. Terbell stuck out to me (and my retired mother who went through it with a fine tooth comb - she was paying), because after reading through the prospectus, we both felt it covered every element of the event world. As well as festivals, and weddings, and parties and the shiny parts, it included lectures on the stuff you NEED to know: Health & Safety, Budgets, Planning and all the things to keep you up to speed with creating a complete event!

The location of the school is a stone’s throw from leafy Russell Square which is on the Piccadilly Line. In the area are lots of eateries, as well as a university canteen that serves food cheap as chips (pardon the pun). You are also welcome to bring your own food each day, as the classroom is open from 9am-5pm.

One of the best things about the Terbell course is the lecturers. It is run by three key figures who are the parents, dare I say it, but on top of that each subject comes with a specialist. These specialists are not only top in their field of expertise, but they are still in the industry, practicing what they share with us every day. They are ridiculously knowledgeable and well-connected, and are always on the phone or email if you have questions.

Included in the course fee is a yearly membership with MPI. They are a great contact to use, and many of the Terbell lecturers have/are serving on the board. It’s a great opportunity to volunteer and network your way into the lives of some of the most important and influential people in the industry.

Projects throughout the course are set with lots of notice and resources are supplied to help you make the most of your work. There is a mixture of individual and group projects, and the latter especially give you great insight, experience and skills of how to work with others – something that you are sure to need in the future!

At the end of the course, you conduct a three month internship with a company in the industry. Lecturers will ask you to decide on your preferred field and will begin the hunt to find somewhere just right for you. You of course can hunt too, and the lecturers keep in constant contact with you throughout the process.

So even when the course is over, all the lecturers are available for advice and help with your future. I would highly recommend Terbell. They offer the perfect balance of schooling and real-life, with a supportive family behind you all the way.


Anna Cottle

Graduate 2014

Anna Cottle
Post Grad 2014

Welsh Post Grad Student

As someone who was looking for a change in their career, it was perfect timing to find the Terbell website. The website was informative and inviting whilst providing me with the necessary information on how to proceed. I immediately booked in a meeting with Jo and it was all go from there.

I cannot thank the lecturers and Jo & Adam enough for their dedication to both the course and the students. You could really tell that all the lecturers were/are passionate about the events industry and excited to bring through the next generation of event professionals.

The course ultimately solidified my decision to move on from my old job and pursue a career in the events industry. The lectures were insightful, delivering well thought out lectures, and provided the necessary information for me to be prepared enough for the real life events world. It also provided hands on experience at events and shows to allow us to see the reality of events and put of learnings into action.

All in all the course, and my subsequent internship at BrandFuel, have been/are continuing to be an amazing experience that I know will be the catalyst for my career in the event industry. For those out there on the fence about the events industry, go for it!

Gareth Lush
Post Graduate Student 2013/14

Swarupini Jaishankar

October 8th 2013 was either going to be the first day of my life or the stupidest decision I had made. The first day of the post-grad event management full time course. As it turned out, it was the best thing I ever did!

I had met Jo for my interview after several telephone conversations (one of which was from a beach in Sri Lanka) during which I was impressed with the clarity & professionalism regarding the information of the course structure . Jo's infectious enthusiasm of the course had me desperately hoping during my interview that I would be given a place!

So on this first day, having spent the train journey wondering whether I was going to be the grandma figure on the course, i had the pleasure of meeting Adam Proto. To say that he is a vibrant, dynamic & charismatic would be an understatement.

Both Jo & Adam as directors are a fantastic duo. Their own vast experience in the industry enabled them to give us realistic & professional industry specific advice. As lecturers they both brought their individuality to their teaching. They are the yin & the yang of Terbell .

Jo, whose organisational capability never ceased to amaze me , presented us with energetic & vibrant lectures. Adam , there was never a dull moment in his lectures. His factual yet coruscating witty presentations meant that frequently I didn't realise the time pass by!

All the lecturers on our course were professionals at the top of the industry which meant that we were given realistic current insight into the industry we were all about to enter. Fortunately they were not the atypical university lecturers.
Every lecturer was unique & interesting in their own way which added versatility & variety to the teaching.

This testimonial would not be complete without mentioning David Foster. As a lecturer he motivated & encouraged us to achieve our goals. As a mentor , he was inspirational in a calm & refreshing manner. Thank you David!

If someone had told me this time last year, in a year's time I would be about to leave for Dubai to start an internship in event management having completed a course which not only I enjoyed thoroughly but also made 19 friends for life, I would have laughed them off.

This post-grad full time course truly is the best. The high level of teaching, the opportunities offered, the exposure to the best lecturers & industry professionals & the support will not be found elsewhere. However much you scour the internet !!

Anyone who would like to know more about my Terbell experience or needs to verify the above ,please feel free to drop me a line at Alternatively, if in Dubai, I can be found with the Inspired Meetings Team at Sofitel The Palm.

Swarupini Jaishankar
Post Graduate Student 2013/14


Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

"Having signed up to the post grad course a year before it started I can honestly say the wait was truly worth it! I’ve met some amazing friends and industry professionals. The course gives some great opportunities so take every one you’re given. The best thing about Terbell is you don’t just get support during the course but after too. I’m very proud to be part of the Terbell family."

Tower of London Site Visit

Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management - Distinction

This course was very intense but gave me a great insight into all areas of event management. It was very challenging at times- during preparation of our project work words “blood, sweat and tears” suddenly got new, literal meaning!

We were encouraged to use every opportunity to put theory into practice at different events, I volunteered at a few events myself and found them extremely useful. These few busy months resulted in generating some promising contacts and even brilliant friendships.

I would like to praise the professionalism and huge industry knowledge of all the tutors – David Foster’s and Chris Woodford’s in particular- there was not enough time to absorb their personalities! I enjoyed lectures by Simon Kimberley who made the finance very approachable even to completely non- finance minds like mine. Jo, you were also great at passing your experience and your enthusiasm and energy were very infectious.

Overall, the course was a fantastic journey through events world and it left me feeling confident that events is where my future career is and I can’t wait to put the knowledge I gained and my brand new diploma to use as soon as possible!
Looking forward to see you at the graduation dinner/drinks!

All the best,


The variety of content covered on the course is so brilliantly broad and with the lecturers themselves being industry professionals, the learning and skills developed are both in-depth and extensive.

In addition the opportunities the course has provided, site visits and volunteering opportunities etc., has resulted in the meeting of so many amazing people from within the industry; which would never have happened without the course.

The course has opened many many doors and I now feel equipped and ready to step out into the events industry as a future leader.

I have massively enjoyed the course and the challenges it's presented but have found the whole experience to be incredibly rewarding.

Thank you Terbell!


“Terbell has provided a great bridge between my university course and the working world, I would not without a doubt be in the job I have without them.

Thank you!”

Post Graduate Testimonial

The best part of the diploma course was meeting everyone!

This course introduced me to a number of interesting people. Listening to other students' aspirations and experiences kindled my own fire. It helped me realise it was time to take the next step and pursue opportunities which will broaden my scope of the events industry.

The accomplishments of the lecturers were impressive and also quite current - I'm happy to say. It goes to show, hard work and dedication will take you everywhere!

With that being said, this course gives true insight as to what the events industry is like. Full-time work hours, obligations to conferences and other work events, attending classes twice a week and delivering project tasks whilst still taking care of home is the reality of the industry and this course.

Organisation and time management will keep you strong, but the love of events will carry you through.

Good Luck & Thanks Terbell


‘A huge thank you to Joanna and the rest of the Terbell events team for investing their time and knowledge into the full time Post Graduate Course.

I have not only learnt and experienced so much about the industry over a relatively short time but more importantly I have been fortunate enough to have met some very influential contacts along the way who I know will be key in guiding me on what I’m sure will be a very exciting journey ahead!’



"I found the Terbell Event Management Diploma to be very useful. Each week, we were introduced to the various aspects of event management, with insightful and succinct lectures from qualified speakers across the industry. I would recommend this course to anybody who would like a reputed qualification from which to start or further develop their career"




Having had 10 years experience organising events and conferences for an investment bank, I wasn’t sure what I would learn on this course or indeed if it was the right course for me but after much research, I discovered that this was the best on the market and signed up.

I have to say that the lecturers are very knowledgeable and have many previous experiences to talk through as examples and a week didn’t go by when I didn’t learn anything new.

As a word of advice, don’t get complacent about the project – it requires a lot of work so get started as early as possible as coupled with 6 hours of lectures a week plus a full time job, it can be a struggle!

I am very thankful to Jo, Caroline, Chris and the other lecturers for teaching me so much, not only about the industry but also about my own capabilities. I now feel so much more confident to go out and get the job that I had previously only dreamed of.

Vanessa Thrower


I would like to thank Terbell and Joanna for all the help given in these past 3 months.

It was a great opportunity for me to complete this diploma and learn alongside such a professional team. I achieved my goal and I now feel prepared to enter the UK market. I am ready for any challenge that may appear!

Joana Santos Andrade