Designed to develop practical Event Management skills

Course Training

Our courses are designed to provide participants with the opportunity to develop practical Event Management skills within one of the most exciting and developing industries. The course has been designed and is lectured by professionals who are currently working in events and see the benefit in investing in the future by passing on their knowledge.

We are recognised throughout the Event Management world as one of the leading certificate event management training programs. Our curriculum and focus on practical skills is well respected by potential employers and is considered a worthwhile investment to start or support an events career in event management.

Internal company Event Management training programs

Terbell Event Courses UK can facilitate internal company training programs that are tailored to cover the specific areas your organisation may need help in.

The benefits of an internal event management training program are numerous; they will be designed to deliver the best training solution for the staff involved and may cover anything from pure confidence building to a longer course that looks at planning, through to execution and then onto a post analysis of the event.

Event Management Training of this type is a proven technique that delivers better, safer events and considerably reducing the cost of production through a clearer knowledge of how the event cycle should work.

If you think an event management training program may benefit your organisation then don’t hesitate to contact Terbell Event Courses UK, we are happy to discuss what benefits we can bring to the table and how we can help your events team get more from the budget and their time.